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John Griffith Custom Photography
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Unique pieces created to your specifications.
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Below you'll find samples of my work. The fire is real, skin textures are natural yet shot in a manner that precludes the need for extensive editing. Prints are available. Schedule an appointment to see more pieces.

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Instruction arrow
Hands on instruction with your digital camera or mine.
On Location arrow
Your home, your business, your favorite vacation spot or professional studio close to you.
Be the model arrow
Be the subject of your own work of art. Learn how to pose and find the light that is perfect for you. Try out different ideas and pick the photos you like the most. Print your images any size you like.
Be the Photographer arrow
My equipment, your idea. You operate the camera, you own the photos. Includes instruction and assistance from concept to print.
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Do I get to keep all my pictures? arrow
If I'm the photographer, I pick the best images for you to choose from. Then you pick your favorites. You're paying for quality, not quantity.

Typically you'll choose one or two images from each look. If you are the photographer, you get all your images to take with you. We can go over them together as well.

What do you charge? arrow
Costs depend on the project.

Are we renting a studio near you? Will there be professional makeup artists, stylists and wardrobe? Do you want coaching? Instruction? Are the images for school? Business cards? Website? Product advertisement?

Are you looking for a museum quality image of your own creation, or mine? Do you want a photo shoot at an exotic location? You will know your costs up front. The price will only change if you ask for more. I can work with most budgets.

Let me know what you are looking for!

Do you edit your photos? arrow
I strive to create effects in-camera that don't require editing in post production but like every photographer that has ever used film, a professional does put their images through a development process that cleans up blemishes, stray hairs and whatever changes you request.

How long will it take for me to learn? arrow
I work with models and photographers of all experience levels, tailoring the experience to your method of learning. I bring in other experts if needed and keep you challenged every step of the way.

Hours, days, weeks, months - whatever fits your schedule. You can hire me by the hour, day or month.

Carte blanche pricing available.

Are you hiring? arrow
I'm always looking for talented individuals to work with but I don't run an agency.

If you have talent and want to showcase your work, let's set up a shoot and see if our styles are compatible. Then we can discuss a working relationship. At the very least we can get some great images together!

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